"Success happens when the result of an intention meets or exceeds a reasonable expectation."
 Don E. Smith, Transformational Speaker
Hope Less Success
In "Hope Less Success: Shaping Success by Intention", transformational speaker Don E. Smith shares a series of stories (personal, ancestral and observational) that help audiences galvanize their attitude and resolve around their aspirations, dreams and desires.
Inspire - Transform - Energize
If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who can inspire your audience, transform their perspective and leave them energized to take action - you owe it to yourself and your organization to contact Don E. to learn more about how he can tailor this presentation to meet your needs.
"He's a natural pro; very funny and clever.
His examples and analogies hit the mark for me."
- an attendee of Be the Hammer
No one ever succeeds by accident!
Every great individual or group success is directly proportionate to the amount of intention that was focused on achieving a positive outcome.
Success is not a one time event.
Success is the culmination of a series of small successes stacked upon each other on a journey to achieve a specific desire.
Don E. speaks passionately, from his heart, motivated by personal experiences.
  • His presentations stress the value of intention in building personal communication skills, character and strong relationships.
  • His presentations encourage audiences to re-invent their lives, cultures and businesses through real, lasting transformation.
  • His topics can be modified to meet your presentation needs and delivered as a keynote, workshop or breakout session.
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